CANS Communication

CANS Cloud Mobile Application

The CANS Cloud Mobile App is a crucial business tool that ensures no missed opportunities in customer communication. It allows work to be done anywhere, anytime, whether working from the office or working from home.

What is CANS Cloud Mobile Application

The CANS​ Cloud Mobile Application is an app that makes every call more convenient than ever. With just an internet connection and a mobile phone, you can download the CANScall app and make calls anytime, anywhere. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to connect with important clients and facilitates the seamless expansion or relocation of your company, as it operates over the internet without the need for physical branch phone installations.

Users install the CANS Cloud Mobile Apps for making both inbound and outbound calls, supporting both iOS and Android operating systems. In the case of calling each other internally, users can utilize the Phonebook to select the desired contact or go to the Keypad to dial the internal or external number they wish to contact. For example, if you want to call the Accounting department at extension 15345, you can either choose the contact from the Phonebook or directly dial the number using the Keypad. The system will then make the call over the internet (Wifi/3G) to the CANScall application or the desk phone (IP Phone) where you have set up extension 15345, and so forth.

Why choose CANS Cloud Mobile Application

Ease of Access

The CANS Cloud Mobile App allows you to make and receive calls at any time and from any location, breaking free from the constraints of traditional desk phones.

Cost Advantage

There are no costs associated with cable wiring, equipment installation, or maintenance. The call-out charges are lower than those of conventional telephone platforms. Furthermore, calls among company users or between branches are entirely free of charge.

Call Data Analysis

The Call Detail Record (CDR) report is accessible, and this data can be analyzed to formulate an effective company strategy.


Having a local number, such as 02, can enhance credibility and reliability among people.

Features of CANS Cloud Mobile Application

Auto Attendant

announce interactive pre-recorded phone menuInteractive Voice Response (IVR) is a pre-recorded messages that route incoming call to an approprite agent.

Call Forward

Redirects incoming calls to the next available agent when the current one is unavailable.

CDR Report

Generates reports on call-in, call-out, and missed-call data for analysis and monitoring purposes.

Whisper on Call

Facilitates coaching for agents during calls without the customer hearing the coach's voice, ensuring real-time guidance and improvement.