CANS Communication

What's Cloud PBX ?

A Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX, or Cloud Call Center is a business telephony system that operates over the internet, residing in the cloud. This eliminates the need for physical device installations or cable wiring, offering a streamlined and efficient communication solution.

What is CANS Cloud Mobile Application

This mobile business contact center solution facilitates the seamless administration of all call-related activities for the company's telephone system. It empowers your team to engage in customer calls while on the move, offering flexibility in terms of both time and location.

Why choose CANS Cloud Mobile Application

ประหยัด คุ้มค่า

Eliminates expenses for equipment installation and maintenance.


A company with a local phone number gains a higher level of reliability among customers.

Call data analysis

The Call Detail Record (CDR) offers comprehensive information on call activities, allowing for analysis to develop effective company strategies. Ease of Accessibility:

Ease of accessibility

The CANS Cloud application is compatible with both IOS and Android operating systems, enabling users to dial and answer calls anytime and anywhere.

Features of CANS Cloud Mobile Application

Voice to Text

The voice files are automatically converted to text files, so it's more friendly to search or analyse them.

Call Return

Intelligently matches and directs calls to the agent's extension associated with the most recent contact.


Seamlessly integrated with SOHO, Salesforce, Zendesk , and API, this system ensures immediate ticket creation upon receiving an incoming call.

Auto Dialer

Automates outbound dialing to customers on a list, delivering pre-recorded advertisements or promotions. The system further facilitates live agent connections upon the customer answering the call, enhancing efficiency and customer engagement.